"We both came to see you last May in a bid to start the summer getting healthier and fitter. We were buying 10 packs a week between us. We're just back from a week in the south of France, largely financed by the money that we saved from not smoking. Best deal we ever made!"
Cath & Dave, Ennis, Co. Clare

".... and I hope it doesn't scare you Clem, that I thought of you as I was pushing my way toward the end of the Ring of Kerry Cycle on that old bike. But I made it and I feel great and I know that I will never take this body of mine for granted ever again!"
Steve Murray, Limerick City

"The 9th of Sept I attended your clinic and am still off cigarettes." 
(NOTE: received weeks after 9th Sept :-))

Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking

Hypnosis to quit smoking

You're Welcome Cathy & Dave!

Deirdre had tried for years to quit. She had even tried hypnosis a few times, years ago. But once she discovered why she smoked, she was SHOCKED... and knew she'd never smoke again. Click PLAY & listen to her extraordinary testimony. 

2Hrs later Mark knows he'll never smoke again.

"I despise them"

How to Stop Smoking

Is it really possible for a self-professed 40 per day "addicted" smoker to just stop in one session?

Listen to Ann talk about her incredible experience on LIVE RADIO about her single visit to Celtic Hypnosis...  

Stop Smoking Thank you card

Hi Clem, so it's exactly 1 week and 1 hour since my last cigarette! feeling good and very happy! Thank you 😊Marian

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Rosemary mentioned the "M" word!

Hi Clem how are you? It's coming up for a year when I met you first. I'm still a non-smoker which is brilliant. And my anxiety/blushing has stopped..well I'm not aware of it anymore.
Hope your well. Thanks for your help.

"Hi Clem, this just a message to thank you once again for the help you gave my husband... in giving up the cigarettes. We are not exactly sure how long it is now but it is easily 7 months. [He] is a different man now, so much happier and healthier and we are anxiously waiting on the arrival of another little baby in December. May God bless you, your gift and all belonging to you."
T in Maynooth

Best way to quit smoking

"Historic day... 1st Sunday reading the papers with mug of coffee, and no interest in cigs, seems like years ago i had this addiction, not a few days ago. Wish i'd heard of u years ago, thanks again!"
Pat in Limerick

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Smoking Cessation

"I know I'll never smoke again... Life has too much to offer that cigarettes can take away"
John in Limerick

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Stop Smoking 

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"I smoked forty a day for over twenty years and I haven't touched a cigarette for a year this September. When I'm with friends who smoke it doesn't bother me. It's like I never smoked before. It's just not relevant to me anymore. Thanks Clem"

Hi Clem

This is K----. I came to see you on August the 9th last year. Just to let ya know I'm still a non smoker and have just very recently separated and there was a fear from family and friends I would go back smoking but no it actually never crossed my mind  [😊]  

Regards K

*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person. Call now to find out if hypnosis can work for you.


"I used to smoke between 20 and 30 per day and never believed that I could just stop wanting a cigarette.... now I just don't want a cigarette! It's incredible and I don't really care how it works, I'm just glad it does..."
Anonymous in Limerick

"Before coming here I was a bit nervous... but now I feel really good about the future"
John in Tipp

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