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Majella panicked even at the thought of getting on a plane.  But her Fear of Flying has gone completely after visiting Celtic Hypnosis Limerick. Now she can't wait to fly again! *

"Hi Clem, I just finished my most enjoyable open water swim here in Killaloe. At the end no nerves, nice pace. It's almost unbelievable!"
Guido Timmerman

I received this wonderful text message from a lady who  simply couldn't eat vegetables, especially peppers & tomatoes without feeling sick. A few hours after leaving my clinic, she sent this. *

Ita's Fear of Water stopped her from getting into a swimming pool with her kids. She never believed that hypnosis could do this... *

PHOBIA - Fear of Flying Fear of Water Fear of Spiders Fear of Eating Vegetables Fear of Swimming in Open Water and more...

Margaret had a Fear of Driving and a Fear of Travelling on any other vehicle, boat or plane. She hoped that hypnosis could help her because she had tried everything else. She didn't expect this would happen... *

*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person. Call now to find out if hypnosis can work for you.


Ali's Fear of Spiders disappeared after she visited Celtic Hypnosis Limerick. Listen to her reaction... *


*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person. Call now to find out if hypnosis can work for you.

"Hi Clem you are not going to believe this. I went to petrol station to put diesel in my jeep and when I finished I saw a dog standing at the door of the shop waiting for the owner, I didn't shake I just walked in right past the dog to pay and then walked out. It's only when I drove away that I realised how brave I was. Unreal, it never happened before, never! OMG!"
M. in Kildare

It’s very amazing and almost unbelievable what you can achieve and realize with Clem’s help. As a Belgian not having English as a mother tongue I often wonder how his method works for me. But it does.
Here is my story:
I visited Clem the first time on the 17th of November 2010 to quit smoking. One visit and I am off the cigarettes since that moment. During the session Clem was also promoting a healthy lifestyle, so last year at almost 51 years young I got the idea to start training for triathlons, but I couldn’t swim and since the age of 13 I didn’t spend too much time in the pool. I started to train at the end of July 2011, so now I can do a non stop swim of 3000m in the UL pool.

But for most triathlons you have to swim in the open water and after some training and a non-finished “Hell of the West“ I found out that I had severe open water fear. My wife suggested that hypnosis might be the remedy, so I
contacted Clem on the 23rd of June 2012. He scheduled 3 sessions which I attended and the result is that today only 3 weeks later I reached the blue buoy at 350m from the shore in Lough Derg at Two mile gate.

Could you all imagine that boost for my self-confidence?
Clem is absolutely right:”Change is easy”.

Almost 52 now, non-smoker, leaner, healthier and fitter than ever. Thank you very much!
Guido Timmermans in Killaloe