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"Clem l visited you in Sallins  Co. Kildare about 8 years ago I was smoking 40 cigarettes a day and after one visit I never smoked again it is the best thing I ever did thank you so much."

Deirdre in Kildare

"My son was with you about 12 years ago that is where I heard about you he never smoked after one visit to you also we are very thankful to you"
Deirdre in Kildare

"Historic day... 1st Sunday reading the papers with mug of coffee, and no interest in cigs, seems like years ago i had this addiction, not a few days ago. Wish i'd heard of u years ago, thanks again!"
Pat in Limerick

"I know I'll never smoke again... Life has too much to offer that cigarettes can take away"
John in Limerick

"Before coming here I was a bit nervous... but now I feel really good about the future"
John in Tipp

"I smoked forty a day for over twenty years and I haven't touched a cigarette for a year this September. When I'm with friends who smoke it doesn't bother me. It's like I never smoked before. It's just not relevant to me anymore. Thanks Clem"

"We both came to see you last May in a bid to start the summer getting healthier and fitter. We were buying 10 packs a week between us. We're just back from a week in the south of France, largely financed by the money that we saved from not smoking. Best deal we ever made!"
Cath & Dave, Ennis, Co. Clare

".... and I hope it doesn't scare you Clem, that I thought of you as I was pushing my way toward the end of the Ring of Kerry Cycle on that old bike. But I made it and I feel great and I know that I will never take this body of mine for granted ever again!"
Steve Murray, Limerick City

"I used to smoke between 20 and 30 per day and never believed that I could just stop wanting a cigarette.... now I just don't want a cigarette! It's incredible and I don't really care how it works, I'm just glad it does..."
Anonymous in Limerick

"Hi Clem, this just a message to thank you once again for the help you gave my husband... in giving up the cigarettes. We are not exactly sure how long it is now but it is easily 7 months. [He] is a different man now, so much happier and healthier and we are anxiously waiting on the arrival of another little baby in December. May God bless you, your gift and all belonging to you."
T in Maynooth

Hi Clem, so it's exactly 1 week and 1 hour since my last cigarette! feeling good and very happy! Thank you 😊Marian

Hi Clem how are you? It's coming up for a year when I met you first. I'm still a non-smoker which is brilliant. And my anxiety/blushing has stopped..well I'm not aware of it anymore.
Hope your well. Thanks for your help.

The 9th of Sept I attended your clinic and am still off cigarettes. 
(NOTE: received weeks after 9th Sept :-))

Hi Clem how are you? It's coming up for a year when I met you first. I'm still a non-smoker which is brilliant. And my anxiety/blushing has stopped..well I'm not aware of it anymore.
Hope your well. Thanks for your help.

Hey Clem, 
Just an update, life is totally different now, my whole mindset towards gambling has totally changed, I can clearly think about it and see how ridiculous it was and is and will NEVER be apart of it again, I even went in to a Paddy Power the other day and just stood there to test myself and I had no interest. Walked out the door smiling. I really cannot thank you enough, you saved not only my future but my kids and the future of my business, not only the future but also the present. 
Thank you Clem, forever grateful.
J. in Clare

"I used to suffer very badly with a lack of confidence. My job is very demanding and as most people I work with are male, it can be quite intimidating when I found myself in situations that were confrontational. I attended 3 sessions with Clem and he helped me to understand that my problem had nothing to do with the people I worked with, that it was all about how I saw myself in those situations. With his help I retrained my mind to think and feel differently about myself in those situations and in my life generally. That was almost six months ago and I haven't looked back since."
N.K. Co. Clare

"Hi Clem
Happy to say that I started that job and so far so good. I can't believe how stressed I was before thinking about it. Since that first meeting I've stopped putting things off and I feel much more confident in other parts of my life as well not just on the work side. That thing you did with visualizing what I want and seeing myself succeeding at it is incredible and is still working. I was a bit skeptical about hypnosis but I was desperate for something to work, It's changed my life. Thanks"
Mark D. Limerick

"I haven't had a decent night' s sleep in 2 years and after years of tossing and turning and laying awake every night I can now finally sleep. I am delighted I came to see you Clem. You have changed my life. I feel normal again and I am back to myself. Many thanks."
Philip Ryan, Co Limerick

Feedback from the 3 sessions that I attended:
- Haven't touched any chocolate or biscuits. Don't even want them
- Approx. half a stone gone but feeling I have sooo much more energy
- Not feeling as tired as I was in the evenings. Not sure if this is physical or something you have done with my mind. Don't care, it's great.
- Feeling really positive in general and not beating myself up as much as I was."

"Last Xmas I had reached my lowest point. I was over fourteen stone and I had given up fighting my weight. I had tried everything from weight watchers to weight motivation to slimfast and every diet under the sun, you name it. A friend recommended that I try hypnosis just to lift my spirits never mind lose weight. I attended six sessions of the gastric behavioural reprogramming finishing the last one in August. I have lost just under four stone and my life has been completely changed around. I now understand why I needed food as a comfort and know in my heart and soul that I will never go back to being that way ever again.
Clem I wish you every success with Celtic Hypnosis and may you bring as much joy into many other lives and you have brought into mine."
Dee in Limerick

"Hi Clem, ½ a stone in 4 weeks and it doesn't feel like I'm doing anything that I don't want to do. I haven't touched anything sweet and my portion sizes have got a lot smaller. Everything feels so easy and I have stopped fighting with myself. Thanks."

"I went to the Limerick clinic to try hypnosis because I had run out of diets and had tried everything under the sun. It's only been six weeks but I have already lost a stone in weight and my whole focus in life has changed around from being a couch potato to being active and healthy. I used to blame the kids and work and anything else I could think of for my being constantly tired but now I know that this was down to the junk that I was putting into my body and the lack of focus in my life.
Clem, thanks for helping me to find this new lease of life. I still haven't weighed myself by the way but I feel fantastic and I can already see my body changing.
Loving it! Thanks"

"Hi Clem,
Update is that I still haven't touched chocolate. 4 months now and it's just like you told me that I just don't want anymore. I have my 3 meals a day and eating fruit and drinking water and I'm still struggling to understand how resting my hands while chewing my food works, but it does. I've lost 1.5 stone but weight isn't an important thing in my life anymore. I have so much energy, I feel great and I walk nearly every day. Love walking in the rain too which I know is down to you
Best thing to ever happen to me. Thanks."
Mary in Tipp

"I needed to lose weight for my son's wedding and I had tried everything. After listening to a few people I decided to try hypnosis. I was somewhat sceptical of it but I decided to attend a hypnosis clinic that had been recommended to me in Limerick. Well what can I say!! It had an amazing effect on me. I have to give most of the credit to Clem for my success. He was so professional. I lost 3Ibs the first week and it seemed effortless. Losing the weight for me has been so easy. Now four months down the road I have maintained my weight loss. I haven't just lost 26 pounds but I have also lost 3 inches off my waist. I feel amazing and I have taken up walking again. I bought that dress I really wanted for my son's wedding. Everyone told me I looked sensational and I feel great. Thank you Clem."
Mary Daly, Co Clare

"Basically the flights went great, you were right the feeling I had is gone/changed so I didn't feel anxious at all. Thank you very much!!"


It’s very amazing and almost unbelievable what you can achieve and realize with Clem’s help. As a Belgian not having English as a mother tongue I often wonder how his method works for me. But it does.
Here is my story:
I visited Clem the first time on the 17th of November 2010 to quit smoking. One visit and I am off the cigarettes since that moment. During the session Clem was also promoting a healthy lifestyle, so last year at almost 51 years young I got the idea to start training for triathlons, but I couldn’t swim and since the age of 13 I didn’t spend too much time in the pool. I started to train at the end of July 2011, so now I can do a non stop swim of 3000m in the UL pool. 
But for most triathlons you have to swim in the open water and after some training and a non-finished “Hell of the West“ I found out that I had severe open water fear. My wife suggested that hypnosis might be the remedy, so I contacted Clem on the 23rd of June 2012. He scheduled 3 sessions which I attended and the result is that today only 3 weeks later I reached the blue buoy at 350m from the shore in Lough Derg at Two mile gate. 
Could you all imagine that boost for my self-confidence?
Clem is absolutely right:”Change is easy”. 
Almost 52 now, non-smoker, leaner, healthier and fitter than ever. Thank you very much!
Guido Timmermans in Killaloe

"Hi Clem you are not going to believe this. I went to petrol station to put diesel in my jeep and when I finished I saw a dog standing at the door of the shop waiting for the owner, I didn't shake I just walked in right past the dog to pay and then walked out. It's only when I drove away that I realised how brave I was. Unreal, it never happened before, never! OMG!"
M. in Kildare

Morning Clem! I just had to message you after the weekend.. to say I feel completely different about alcohol is an understatement! Like the purging, it no longer has any kind of hold or pull over me. I had a busy weekend ...  I had NO impulse to drink! 
I feel more free than I ever have in my whole life!  Thank you again! I know I should be proud of myself (which I am) but honestly, you are truly gifted at what you do. The best thing I did this year was to make an appointment with you! 
Chat soon, J :-)