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Purging GONE


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Morning Clem! I just had to message you after the weekend.. to say I feel completely different about alcohol is an understatement! Like the purging, it no longer has any kind of hold or pull over me. I had a busy weekend ...  I had NO impulse to drink!

I feel more free than I ever have in my whole life!  Thank you again! I know I should be proud of myself (which I am) but honestly, you are truly gifted at what you do. The best thing I did this year was to make an appointment with you!

Chat soon, J :-)

Bulimia can be treated effectively with hypnosis. Julie only tried hypnosis to cure bulimia because she had tried everything else over the years and nothing worked. 

She promised that she would return to tell her story if she was still free from this condition after one year.

She did - because she wanted to send a message to others out there who are battling with bulimia. She wanted to tell them that hypnosis can help.

Listen to what she has to say...


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Can't stop eating

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I received this wonderful text message from a lady who simply couldn't eat vegetables, especially peppers & tomatoes without feeling sick. A few hours after leaving my clinic, she sent this.

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