"I haven't had a decent night' s sleep in 2 years and after years of tossing and turning and laying awake every night I can now finally sleep. I am delighted I came to see you Clem. You have changed my life. I feel normal again and I am back to myself. Many thanks."

Philip Ryan, Co Limerick

What exactly happened here?

What changed?

What exactly is "it?"

You can achieve similar results by understanding

what the feelings that cause anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and feelings of low confidence or low self-esteem.



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*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person. Call now to find out if hypnosis can work for you

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Written Testimonials

*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person. Call now to find out if hypnosis can work for you



Hi Clem how are you? It's coming up for a year when I met you first. I'm still a non-smoker which is brilliant. And my anxiety/blushing has stopped..well I'm not aware of it anymore.
Hope your well. Thanks for your help.


Hey Clem, 
Just an update, life is totally different now, my whole mindset towards gambling has totally changed, I can clearly think about it and see how ridiculous it was and is and will NEVER be apart of it again, I even went in to a Paddy Power the other day and just stood there to test myself and I had no interest. Walked out the door smiling. I really cannot thank you enough, you saved not only my future but my kids and the future of my business, not only the future but also the present.

Thank you Clem, forever grateful.
J. in Clare


"I used to suffer very badly with a lack of confidence. My job is very demanding and as most people I work with are male, it can be quite intimidating when I found myself in situations that were confrontational. I attended 3 sessions with Clem and he helped me to understand that my problem had nothing to do with the people I worked with, that it was all about how I saw myself in those situations. With his help I retrained my mind to think and feel differently about myself in those situations and in my life generally. That was almost six months ago and I haven't looked back since."
N.K. Co. Clare

"Hi Clem
Happy to say that I started that job and so far so good. I can't believe how stressed I was before thinking about it. Since that first meeting I've stopped putting things off and I feel much more confident in other parts of my life as well not just on the work side. That thing you did with visualizing what I want and seeing myself succeeding at it is incredible and is still working. I was a bit skeptical about hypnosis but I was desperate for something to work, It's changed my life. Thanks"

Mark D. Limerick

Depression - Gone forever in 3 Sessions!

Amy was diagnosed with depression by her Doctor. She had tried everything and felt that there was no way through it. By her 3rd visit to Celtic Hypnosis everything had changed. Depression was not part of her life anymore. Listen to how she describes her experience...

Anxiety & Panic Attacks - GONE in just 2 sessions!

Denise suffered incredibly from Anxiety & Panic Attacks. She couldn't eat, sleep or bare to be alone for any length of time. TWO SESSIONS later and everything changed!

18 months later, this is her story...

Travel Anxiety - Gone forever in 1 Session!

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Confidence & Self Belief - Back in 1 session!

David was smart enough to realise that something wasn't right. He didn't know what or why, but he noticed that his behaviour was not what it should be. Listen to what happened after just


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