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"Historic day... 1st Sunday reading the papers with mug of coffee, and no interest in cigs..."

*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person. Call now to find out if hypnosis can work for you.

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"Hi Clem you are not going to believe this. I went to petrol station to put diesel in my jeep and when I finished I saw a dog standing at the door of the shop waiting for the owner, I didn't shake I just walked in right past the dog to pay and then walked out. It's only when I drove away that I realised how brave I was. Unreal, it never happened before, never! OMG!"

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"You are truly gifted at what you do."  

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"Hi Clem, ½ a stone in 4 weeks and it doesn't feel like I'm doing anything that I don't want to do. I haven't touched anything sweet"

Clem: "What changed in that one session?"

Client: "I don't know. A miracle"

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Panic Attacks



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Stop Smoking

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Fear of Flying

"I used to smoke between 20 and 30 per day and never believed that I could just stop wanting a cigarette.... now I just don't want a cigarette! It's incredible and I don't really care how it works, I'm just glad it does..."

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"I was off the [anxiety] medication within 10 days after coming here... it's no problem now"


Fear of Heights

Anxiety & Panic Attacks 

Stop Smoking

*Disclaimer: results may vary from person to person. Call now to find out if hypnosis can work for you.

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"It's coming up for a year when I met you first... my anxiety/blushing has stopped..."

"My son was with you about 12 years ago that is where I heard about you he never smoked after one visit to you also we are very thankful to you"

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Stop Smoking through hypnosis

John was having Panic Attacks almost every day for months. After his 1st session, the Panic Attacks stopped. After his 3rd session the anxiety was gone. 

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"After that one session"... "for the first time in my life I put my head under water, no fear, I swam around, blew bubbles"..."I've even booked in for swimming lessons" 

Fear of Flying


Here is a SAMPLE of what our clients say...

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Phobia & Fears

Phobia & Fears

Fear of Dogs

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Fear of Spiders

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"I used to blame the kids and work and anything else I could think of for my being constantly tired but now I know that this was down to the junk that I was putting into my body and the lack of focus in my life.
Clem, thanks for helping me to find this new lease of life"

Anxiety​ & Panic Attacks

"Clem l visited you in Sallins  Co. Kildare about 8 years ago I was smoking 40 cigarettes a day and after one visit I never smoked again"


"Basically the flights went great, you were right the feeling I had is gone or changed so I didn't feel anxious at all. Thank you very much!!"

"I know I'll never smoke again... Life has too much to offer that cigarettes can take away"

"Hi Clem,
Update is that I still haven't touched chocolate. 4 months now and it's just like you told me that I just don't want anymore..."



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